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If you have taken Energy Touch® Basics you are ready to apply to become an Energy Touch® Practitioner. Submit your application and prepare to join us in Lowell Michigan on March 9th to begin your journey. So if you have taken Energy Touch® Basics, download the Year-One application and send it in today!

SAVE $800. Remember, if you decide to apply this year and are accepted, your Energy Touch® Basics fee ($800) is credited towards your Year-One tuition!

EnergyTouch® Basics
Event Fee: US$800.
Dolphin Breath® Only
Event Fee: US$120.
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Attend EnergyTouch Basics in 2020 and take up to $800 off your Yr-1 Tuition!

Energy Touch® Basics includes the Dolphin Breath® Teachings and will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing applicant.

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August 21-23, 2020

Lowell, MI

October 23-25, 2020

Lowell, MI

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We are offering four weeks of classes in 2020 to catch up Year-Two Graduates with all that is new since your graduation. So much has changed and so much more is new. Textbooks one, two and three are included in this class.


WK-1 JUN 29-JUL 02

WK-2 AUG 17-20

WK-3 OCT 05-08

WK-4 NOV 30-DEC 01

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Yr-3 Class for Yr-2 Graduates

Catch Up On All That Is NEW!

for Year-Two Graduates

2020 Graduate Studies

Continuing Education

for Year-Three Graduates

Graduate Studies are designed to keep YR-3 Graduates up to date on the latest additions to the EnergyTouch® Practice.

Graduate Studies - 2020

GS-ONE  June 22-25, 2020


GS-TWO  July 06-09


GS-THREE  October 12-15, 22020


GS-Catch-Up  October 19-22, 2020


NEW-GS  Oct 26-29 COMING


All In Lowell, MI

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