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If you are ready to become an Energy Touch® Practitioner join us in Lowell Michigan on January 24-26 to take the three-day prerequisite training. Discover the Outer Levels of the Human Energy Field where healing takes place on the cellular level. Work with cells, organs and systems in both macro and micro views of the hologram. And learn to clear your field of all that no longer serves you using the Dolphin Breath® Teachings. If you have already taken the training, download the Year-One application and send it in today!

Not sure if we are the right fit? Test the waters by joining us on day-one of the training for just a half day of the the Dolphin Breath® Teachings. If at the end of Dolphin Breath® you decide to continue, join us for days two and three. And remember, if you decide to apply and are accepted, your Energy Touch® Basics fee is credited towards your Year-One tuition!

The Dolphin Breath® Teachings
Event Fee: US$120.
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The Dolphin Breath® practice is the foundation of the EnergyTouch® Healing modality. It is a grounding and multidimensional breathing exercise that combines these two skills to produce a powerful daily practice of sacred geometry, energetic mindfulness and self-healing.

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January 24, 2020

Lowell, MI

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EnergyTouch® Basics
Event Fee: US$800.
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Attend EnergyTouch Basics and take up to $800 off your 2020 Tuition!

Energy Touch® Basics includes the Dolphin Breath® Teachings and will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing applicant.

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January 24, 25, 26, 2020

Lowell, MI

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2019 Graduate Studies

Continuing Education

for Year-Three Graduates

Graduate Studies are designed to keep YR-3 Graduates up to date on the latest additions to the EnergyTouch® Practice.

YR-3 Classes for YR-2 Graduates are scheduled through special arrangement with the school. Contact us for more information.

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Graduate Studies - 2019

Oct 21-24, 2019

Lowell, MI

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