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Energy Touch® Basics includes the Dolphin Breath® Teachings. Upon completion of this 3-day event you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing applicant. Participants explore new skills and teachings while preparing to apply for admission to the School. Bodyworkers, healers, and even those with no prior experience in energy medicine will gain valuable knowledge and practice. Our founder and developer of the Energy Touch modality Tricia Eldridge, assisted by her staff of Graduates/Instructors, conducts these sessions. Successful completion is designed so that student practitioners can begin working with people, animals or the earth and gain immediate results in the first seven levels of the field. Register today and discover the New Energy Medicine for the 21st Century.

Attend EnergyTouch Basics and take the $800 fee off your Yr-1 Tuition!


When your application is accepted, your Energy Touch® Basics fee ($800) is credited towards your Year-One tuition! Submit your application and prepare to join us in Lowell Michigan in May of 2021 to begin your journey. Download the Year-One application and send it in today!

EnergyTouch® Basics Events Coming Soon!

Meet in Lowell, Michigan to begin your prerequisite training. Click on a link below to learn more about our location, schedule, travel accommodations and more. When you are ready we invite you to apply.

 NOTE  Michigan currently has one of the lowest active Covid-19 numbers in the country. We will continue to bring our numbers down by adhering to all of the CDC rules. Your physical and energetic safety is our greatest concern

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