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Becoming an EnergyTouch Practitioner

If you are ready to become an Energy Touch practitioner, your journey begins with Energy Touch Basics, our three-day prerequisite training event. Energy Touch Basics will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful applicant. Bodyworkers, healers, and even those who have no prior experience in energy medicine will gain valuable knowledge and skills. Tricia Eldridge, assisted by her staff of Graduates/Instructors, conducts these classes. Register today and take the Next Step on your journey towards becoming an Energy Touch® Practitioner.


Lectures & Teachings will include:

  • Dolphin Breath® - The foundation if EnergyTouch® Healing.

  • Healer’s Prep

  • Connecting with Guidance

  • Learning how to regulate the Healer’s energy flow

  • Accessing the Hologram to:

* Clear Levels of the Field

* Clear the Spinal Column

* Restructure Chakras

* Restructure Organs

  • The Chakra System Review

  • Energy Field levels and functions

  • How Chakras and levels of the Field Correlate

  • Clearing Levels of the Field Review

  • Closing Steps


Healing Sequence Skills will include:

  • Healer’s Prep - Dolphin Breath®

  • Working with the Hologram

  • Scanning and clearing the levels of the field

  • Scanning and Clearing Organs

  • Chakra Restructuring

  • Spinal Clearingl Organ Restructuring

  • Healing Sequence

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