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The EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing began in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2004.


The Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing was founded in 2004 by Tricia Eldridge with its early home being in the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Since its inception the School has steadily grown and expanded its influence in the Energy Medicine community. Grand Rapids Michigan has been our home for the last several years where we leased space for our own facility, the Energy Touch® Center. The Energy Touch® Center has served as a Healing Center for local Energy Touch® Practitioners as well as serving as a venue for like-minded events and workshops. We are now on the move again with the intention of owing our own facility, During this transition time we will temporarily be located on the second floor of the LowellArts Building in our home town of Lowell, Michigan.

"The move is another of our many 'leaps of faith' and we trust that we will again land exactly where we need to be."

Tricia Eldridge

A Leap of Faith

The Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing began as a two-year program in response to clients and healers who requested that Tricia Eldridge share the modality that she had developed and implemented in her private healing practice. Since those early days each and every step of her journey has been a leap of faith.


The Three-Year Program


Today the Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing is a three-year program designed for adults, using both classroom and home study to complete their training. Each school year, students travel to West Michigan for hands-on instruction and lectures with Tricia and her staff. Small class size is maintained to insure direct contact with each student. Classes are scheduled to allow students to continue to maintain current jobs and/or develop their healing practices while discovering new skills for use with their clients. One day during each class week, community clients are invited into the classroom for sessions with the students. Community client sessions help the students build their confidence in the work, in their Guidance, and in their ability to communicate their findings with their clients. Homework assignments between each class week allow students to integrate these new skills into their practice and report immediate results. Students are also encouraged to explore their own unique talents and share their experiences, joys and concerns in a safe environment of compassion and respect.




During the course of the school, personal therapy sessions are required with an intention towards clearing the energies, belief systems and cellular memories that no longer serve the student healers. Because the heart is the gateway for this work, deep issues and beliefs held energetically in the heart—both conscious and unconscious—come forward to be released in a safe compassionate environment. Just as we help our clients remove unnecessary energies and beliefs, so do we need to clear our own fields to allow for the growth and multi-dimensional expansion that will bring us to our full potential as Energy Touch® Practitioners. These sessions are done outside the classroom to allow the student to process emotional issues in private.


"We can only take our clients as far as we ourselves are willing to go."

Tricia Eldridge

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