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What is EnergyTouch Healing?


The New

Energy Medicine

At Energy Touch we have taken the ancient concepts of energy healing, expanded them and blended them with the modern scientific understandings of disease and illness to create a new modality capable of working in harmony with Western Medicine. Our teachings are medically based and our students are required to complete a college level course in Human Anatomy and Physiology prior to graduation. Our practitioners are often called upon when Western Medicine has exhausted conventional treatment options or needs an approach beyond the understanding of the attending physicians. Energy Touch is the New Energy Medicine for the Twenty-first Century.

How Is Energy Touch Different?

Energy Touch is a gentle healing modality developed by Tricia Eldridge. It is distinctive in the field of energy medicine in that the work takes place in a expanded energy field beyond the first seven chakras allowing the practitioner to work on a cellular level. Our work includes accessing an energetic hologram of the physical body, which is a unique and vital aspect of Energy Touch Healing. This energetic hologram acts as a matrix connecting the energies of the outer levels of the field precisely with the physical body on a cellular level.


Another significant focus of Energy Touch Healing is on the emotional and spiritual influences that often contribute to the client’s illness and subsequent recovery. Emotional events in one's past can often affect physical health and wellbeing. Through the use of Cellular Memory Release (CMR) Energy Touch sessions can help reveal the energetic inter-relatedness between these events and the client's health and wellbeing.


Facilitating the client’s connection to guidance is yet another essential tool to help them access the personal power necessary to implement life changes and gain access to their vast self healing capacity.

Our off-the-body multidimensional energy medicine modality addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual body while also giving the client the ability to take an active and productive roll in the healing process. Energy Touch confronts the physical aspects of disease and illness at the cellular level while also seeking the underlying cause of ailments with the understanding that they frequently carry an emotional aspect that has caused their manifestation in the physical body. Once this emotional cause is identified and cleared, we use our Energy Touch skills to repair and reprogram the energy body’s template to begin the healing process.

We believe that there are multiple levels where healing of disease or illness must take place in order to achieve optimum health. As an example, surgically repairing a diseased organ may give temporary relief to the client but unless the cause of the disease is addressed the problem will often reemerge in a new form or in a different location. The Energy Touch practitioner works with the client to not only find physical relief from the disease or illness but will also help them find any underlying cause that may be behind the disease or illness. Only when addressing the cause and removing it from the energy field can the disease or illness be permanently removed from the client's physical body.


Energy Touch has been used to support and manage conditions that are extremely challenging to the medical world. It is effective as an independent therapy and is also extremely successful as an adjunct therapy to traditional healthcare. Energy Touch healing is very supportive for clients in all phases of traditional medical care and treatment. Areas of particular success include, but are not limited to: Surgical Support (Pre, Intra, Post-op); Cancer Treatment and Recovery; Autoimmune Conditions; Emotional and Psychological Conditions; Infectious Disease; Pregnancy and Fertility Issues; Respiratory, Digestive, and Endocrine Conditions; and much more. It should be noted that some medical conditions require traditional medical care, and your Energy Touch practitioner will never encourage you to eliminate that care. However, Energy Touch therapy can help enhance that care while also eliminating many negative side effects that sometimes accompany those traditional medical treatments. Energy Touch therapy will supplement the care you receive from your traditional medical physician while encouraging you to become more actively involved in your own healing process.

The Human Energy Field

We know that our body functions and is powered by energy. Our heart beats using energy pulses. Our brain and connected nervous system communicates with our entire body through complex energetic pathways. This system is known to Energy Touch Practitioners as the Human Energy Field and is constantly reacting in response to the physical and emotional and spiritual needs and conditions of our body. The Human Energy Field is a dynamic system of powerful influences, in unique relationship to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This system consists of, in part, the Aura (made up of multiple levels of the Field), multiple chakras (energy centers that correspond to these levels), the energy of the organs and systems of the body, and the Pranic Tube (our connection to Universal and Earth Energies and Guidance).

Who Is The Energy Touch Practitioner?

Energy Touch graduates come from all facets of life and have successfully completed the multiyear program for the development as a professional Energy Touch Practitioner. Topics of learning include Energy Anatomy, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Health and Disease and of course Energy Touch Skills. The practitioner has also undergone personal process and evolution through participation in a dynamic, interactive classroom setting. The Energy Touch Practitioner is committed to uphold the professional healing standards and honors integrity in the field of energy medicine. Energy Touch practitioners are skillfully capable of moving fluently throughout the levels of the human energy field, accessing and utilizing outer level energies to clear blocks and restore function at the most basic cellular level. Energy Touch Practitioners are also trained to work with the earth and animals in the same way that they address human illnesses and conditions of disease.

What Is An Energy Touch Session Like?

The Energy Touch practitioner requires no physical contact with their client during a session allowing for sessions to be performed in-person, or at a distance. An Energy Touch healing session can also have many steps, from chakra repair and balancing to clearing and adjusting the many additional chakras and corresponding levels of the human energy field. The Energy Touch practitioner also employs a hologram, energetically repairing the blueprint of the energy body on a cellular level through the multiple levels of the human energy field. Once the blueprint is repaired the physical body can begin to vibrate at the renewed healthy level and physical healing can begin. The hologram also allows for faster and more complete healing because the physical body is no longer an obstacle.

Private sessions are performed in a quiet, comfortable setting, with the client fully clothed. The client will be asked to set a clear intention for the healing. Oftentimes the practitioner and client will talk while the session is in progress, exploring any underlying issues that may be negatively influencing physical or emotional health. At other times the client may drift off to sleep. Although all energy work is done off the body, clients often report an awareness of the work that is being performed and its location. A typical session will last approximately one hour with time available before the session to review health history, answer questions, and afterwards to talk about the experience and findings of both the practitioner and client. The primary goal is to create an energetic and physical improved state of being on a personal level, and to begin to manifest long-standing physical results.

To find an Energy Touch Practitioner visit Our Graduates page

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