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EnergyTouch® Basics


Introduction to EnergyTouch
Our 3-Day Prerequisite Training Event

Energy Touch® Basics will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing applicant. The program will allow participants to explore new skills and teachings while preparing to apply for admission to the School. Bodyworkers, healers, and even people who have no prior experience in energy work will gain valuable knowledge and practice. Tricia Eldridge, assisted by her staff of Graduates/Instructors, conducts these sessions. Successful completion of this program is designed so that student practitioners can begin working with people, animals or the earth and gain immediate results in these first seven levels of the field. Register for this prerequisite training today and take the Next Step on your journey towards becoming an Energy Touch® Practitioner.


Lectures will include:

  • Healer’s Prep

  • Connecting with Guidance

  • Learning how to regulate the Healer’s energy flow

  • Accessing the Hologram to:

* Clear Levels of the Field

* Clear the Spinal Column

* Restructure Chakras

* Restructure Organs

  • The Chakra System Review

  • Energy Field levels and functions

  • How Chakras and levels of the Field Correlate

  • Clearing Levels of the Field Review

  • Closing Steps


Healing Sequence Skills will include:

  • Healer’s Prep - Dolphin Breath®

  • Working with the Hologram

  • Scanning and clearing the levels of the field

  • Scanning and Clearing Organsl Chakra Restructuring

  • Spinal Clearingl Organ Restructuring

  • Healing Sequence

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