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Dolphin Breath®

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Becoming an EnergyTouch® Practitioner is a big commitment. That is why we offer the Dolphin Breath® Teachings as a stand alone event on day-one of every EnergyTouch® Basics event.


The Dolphin Breath® teachings are included on the first day of the EnergyTouch® Basics weekend. This foundational practice of "breathing" energetically and with intention through your individual Chakras will help you to begin to loosen and remove deep seated energies that you may have been carrying with you for many years. These energies are often associated with events and injuries to your spiritual body and if left unaddressed can often lead to disease and illness. You will learn the basic Chakras and their corresponding levels of the field and how they differ from the Traditional Seven Chakras when viewed from the Outer Levels of the Human Energy Field.


If after taking the Dolphin Breath Teachings you decide to continue on for the remainder of the EnergyTouch® Basics weekend you can make the additional payment at that time. If you choose not to continue you will have learned a valuable healing practice that can help you for years to come.

The Foundation

The Dolphin Breath® practice is the foundation of the EnergyTouch® Healing modality as taught through the EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing. It is a grounding and multidimensional breathing exercise that combines these two skills to produce a powerful daily practice of sacred geometry, energetic mindfulness and self-healing. The practice can help you discover emotional blocks that often can manifest into disease or illness if not addressed. As you continue the practice your ability to remain calm and controlled in stressful situations is enhanced. Dolphin Breath® can also be used as a compliment to traditional medicine by allowing you to look at life issues and how they may be negatively affecting your health and wellbeing.

Skill #1 Grounding to the Earth & Universal Energies / Activating the Pranic Tube

Grounding—to both Earth Energies and Universal Energies—initiates a process of expanding and reinforcing the energetic container known as the Pranic Tube that surrounds our physical body and extends deep into the Earth's core and out into the Universal Energies. This is our connection to Universal Knowledge and Guidance. When we expand and reinforce our Pranic Tube we allow ourselves to reclaim our rightful space in our Universe and create a stronger connection to Guidance.

Skill #2 Energetic Breathing; Breathing energies through your Chakras Mindfully and with Intention

Once the Pranic Tube is activated we are able to access the Outer Levels of the human energy field—or aura—and their corresponding chakras. Using this access we begin the process of energetic breathing with the intention of eliminating disruptive or unhealthy energies. We become more mindful of unwanted energies that we may encounter in our daily lives and avoid attachment to them.

You will learn to ground to both the Earth and Universal Energies and you will be introduced to outer-level chakras and fields 8-14. You will learn how to breathe these energies through all chakras and related fields and how to loosen and clear stagnant energy blocks, using sacred geometry to fill those cleared areas with pure, healthy, fresh energy. The Dolphin Breath® practice will help you to become a clearer, stronger vessel in alignment with your path towards health, healing and wholeness.

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