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Graduate Studies - New Atlantis

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Those who are familiar with Graduate Studies will notice the titles for these classes now give credit to The New Atlantis.

The New Atlantis classes are in numerical order, NOT in order of date. Because of the advancement in teachings and skills, New Atlantis classes must be taken in numerical order.

The New Atlantis teachings have been finding their way into Tricia's practice for several years and she is now recognizing them in classes and in the latest edited versions of her Year - One through Year - Three textbooks. These textbooks will be made available as soon as revisions are completed.

Continuing Education


New Skills & Information

All Graduate Studies are Monday – Thursday

Hours - 9:00 - 5:00 Class Time

Cost is $800.00 (Returning Refresher: $200.00)


Register online by clicking the appropriate BLUE Date/Link

Third Year Graduates can continue their studies as the following new teachings are added to our knowledge base. All teachings must be taken in numerical order.

ATLANTIS 1 - MAY 06 - 09, 2024

Ankylosing Spondylitis, bunions, depth perception (lazy eye, color blindness), heavy metals, astigmatism, enhancing telepathic abilities, more gifts from the New Atlantis.


ATLANTIS 2 - JUL 22 - 25, 2024
Skills from the New Atlantis, dimensional clearing, overlapping dimensions, lungs, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease and brain injuries, and more


ATLANTIS 3 - SEP 09 - 12, 2024
More teachings from the New Atlantis, moving in and out of the 6th dimension, Dimensional DNA, Atlantean Zip Line DNA, Digestive Enteric Nervous System, Reversing the Aging and Disease Process for a Healthier Life, Pleasure Centers for Women, Congenital Defects in the womb, Gestational diabetes for mother and fetus, and more.

ATLANTIS 4 - OCT 07 - 10, 2024

More Teachings from the New Atlantis, working from the 6th Dimension (New Atlantis), the way we work in a session shifts, easier, faster, and more effective, clearing multiple Past Lives to implement new DNA, applying our Energy Touch skills to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), deeper Heart, Rosacea, more.

ATLANTIS 5 - OCT 14 - 17, 2024

Working from the 6th Dimension, New Atlantis learning about the beginnings of regrowing limbs and soft tissue, Parkinson’s disease, drop foot, disease and disorders affecting the lumbar spine such as spina bifida, lumbar stenosis, degenerative disk disease, etc., Upper Motor Neurons and Lower Motor Neurons and more.

NEW ATLANTIS 6 - AUG 12 - 15, 2024


NEW ATLANTIS 6 - OCT 21 - 24, 2024

Hearing plus - Check Back for more class description as it is revealed.

Please call Tricia with any questions: 616-233-3001 (business cell) 

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