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The Dolphin Breath® Teachings

Dolphin Breath® happens on day-one of the three-day EnergyTouch® Basics event and can be attended as a stand alone event. This Grounding & Energetic Breathing practice that will help you to identify and remove old energies that no longer benefit your physical well-being. During this practice you will open your connection and ground to both the Earth and Universal Energies - helping you to open to your Guidance. Dolphin Breath® is the foundation of the EnergyTouch® teachings. This day-one class can be taken alone or as part of the three-day EnergyTouch® Basics class. Hours are 1:00-5:00PM EST

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EnergyTouch® Basics

Three-Day Includes Dolphin Breath

Prerequisite Training

August 02-04, 2024

Lowell, MI


EnergyTouch® Basics - Prerequisite Training - Fee $800

Energy Touch® Basics includes the Dolphin Breath® Teachings. Upon completion of this 3-day event you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you become a successful Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing applicant. Participants explore new skills and teachings while preparing to apply for admission to the School.

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Attend EnergyTouch® Basics and take up to $800 off your Year-One Tuition!

Dolphin Breath®

The Foundation of


EnergyTouch® Healing


August 02


Lowell, MI

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