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Dolphin Breath® Two - CD Set

The Dolphin Breath® 2-CD Set is currently only available at a Dolphin Breath event.

Dolphin Breath Two CD Set

Download the 2-CD set

The Dolphin Breath 2-CD Set is a compliment to the Dolphin Breath Teachings. It will help you to ground and move thru the Fourteen levels and Chakras that you are introduced to during the workshop. It contains both the short and the full version of the practice including the colors of the outer levels and chakras. It is available without attending the workshop but is most effective when used after the in-person training. T find a workshop visit our Events Page.

Dolphin Breath begins by helping you to ground to both the Earth Energies and Universal Knowledge. This grounding practice activates your Pranic Tube which helps you to continue to stay grounded and in your body. Being grounded with your Pranic Tube expanded can affect others around you as well. Whether you are at home, at the office, at school, out in the public, or at a party, when you are grounded and expanded others around you will slowly begin to ground and their vibrations will begin to rise.

Chakras and Levels of the Field
In the first seven levels of the field your body spins its chakras to bring in energy. When you are grounded and your Pranic tube is opened you can move beyond the first seven levels of the field to the second set of chakras and access their levels of the field.


Each of your chakras have a corresponding level of energy. These levels encompass your physical form. Within each of these levels are the energies of their corresponding chakras. For example your Fourth Level carries the energies of the Fourth Chakra.

Dolphin Breath is the practice of taking you into the second set of chakras, eight through fourteen along with their corresponding levels of the field. As you breathe through these chakras you become in tune with your physical body and the levels of your field. Your health can improve because you vibrate higher than the energies of most viruses and other illnesses. Your consciousness expands giving you a different perspective of old problems. If done properly Dolphin Breath can also help you to manifest those things that you want in your life.

Remember that Dolphin Breath is Sacred Geometry and must be done as instructed in order for you to be successful in opening your field to the second set of chakras.

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