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Energy Touch - 20+Years of Energy Medicine

EnergyTouch® is a gentle energy healing modality that is moving Energy Medicine into the 21st Century. We have taken the ancient concepts of energy healing and blended them with the modern scientific understandings of disease and illness to create a new modality that is capable of working in harmony with Western Medicine. EnergyTouch® confronts the physical aspects of disease and illness at the cellular level while also seeking the underlying cause of ailments with the understanding that they frequently carry an emotional aspect that has caused their manifestation in the physical body. >More


Whether you are a Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner, or you have no Energy Medicine experience at all, Energy Touch School meets you wherever you are. Our students come to us with a variety of skills and experience but always with one thing in common and that is the desire to help others and themselves find health, healing and happiness. >Get Started

The Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing was founded in 2004 by Tricia Eldridge. Since its inception our Energy Medicine School has steadily grown and expanded its influence in the Energy Medicine community.

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We located on the second floor of the LowellArts Building, 223 W Main Street in Historic Downtown Lowell, MI.

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Our School year begins in May and runs through November. Prerequisite training happens throughout the year.

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